FASD Through My Eyes UK

FASD Through My Eyes UK is a group run by an adult with FASD who seeks to share hope and awareness.  He is making it his mission to help those living with FASD.  

Without the right help and support these children with FASD end up being and feeling rejected by the world, many of them end up in care, or residential homes and later on in life can fail school, become homeless and addicted to drink and/or drugs, some cannot hold a job through no fault of there own and can end up self harming, in prison or worse. These young people can with the correct help and support have bright futures, find there strengths and work on them, but they cannot do it alone. They need someone to speak up for them, that truly understands them to be able to share with the world what its like to live with and give information advice and support from there perspective, without that know one truly understands.  That is what FASD Through my Eyes UK is all about.

Email: lhh.fasd@gmail.com

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