FASD UK Alliance

Welcome to the FASD UK Alliance.  We are a coalition of groups and individuals from across the UK who are united together for positive social change for those affected by Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).  Affiliates include small local, regional and virtual groups as well as some of the country’s longest standing national organisations devoted to FASD, with links to international networks.



FASD UK Facebook Support Group

More than 1,100 strong

Drawing on our diversity and our strength, together we contribute to the vibrant and growing online FASD UK Facebook Support Group, connecting more than 1,100 birth parents, foster carers, adopters, extended families, adults with FASD from across the UK.  In this closed group we are able to share information and ask questions and share the joys and concerns that connect us together.  The group’s resources pages include useful documents and publications.  (If you click to join the group, please check your ‘message request’ folder for an email from an admin to confirm your membership.)

FASD UK Professionals Facebook Support Group

Supporting Professionals


We also have a growing FASD UK Professionals Facebook group – a forum for multi-disciplinary practitioners and community champions working with families with FASD to meet and share ideas and insights with one another. This provides an opportunity to explore innovations, to problem solve and to look at UK systems of support.  (As above, if you click to join this group, please check your ‘message request’ folder for an email from an admin to confirm your membership.)

fasduk-youtubeThe FASD UK Resources YouTube channel
highlights a wide range of fantastic FASD resources available on YouTube.  The channel includes a range of playlists on related topics.

Contact us:  If you have questions or are unsure about how to connect with others about this issue, please contact us by email:  fasd-uk@live.com.

Together, we are stronger.

FASD UK Fliers

Stronger together

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