Project on FASD Management Plans

The NICE Quality Standard (204) on FASD calls for management plans for people with FASD. The FASD UK Alliance is undertaking a year-long project to explore what a model management plan would look like.

We started with a survey of families. We received 161 responses in February and March 2023.

We presented the findings at the 30 March 2023 “FASD in the UK” conference at the University of Salford (videos to follow).

Not one family could give a good example of a management plan and many shared their distress over this issue and the impact it has on people with FASD.

Roundtables and future report

We are organising a series of roundtable discussions with practitioners, policy makers, and people with lived experience to identify best practice for management plans. Our goal is to create a sample management plan that provides a template for holistic and informed support for people with FASD.

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