ÉNDpae is a Voluntary Association established in Ireland in 2017 to provide an all-island support group for parents, carers, young people and anyone affected by prenatal alcohol exposure. We offer our support in person and online.

ÉNDpae’s Professional Advisory Panel is a group of international Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) experts who volunteer their invaluable time and experience to further our mission.  https://endpae.ie/who-we-are/

ÉNDpae delivers FASD workshops and training to parents and carers as well as to professionals in fields such as health, education, social care and justice and to other interested groups in the community. We have also presented to professionals at several seminars and conferences.

FASDcare Study.

ÉNDpae, together with Alcohol Forum Ireland, has collaborated on research currently being undertaken by Dr Katy Tobin of Trinity College Dublin. This project is funded by the Irish Research Council.

In our work in ÉNDpae we continue to connect with researchers in Ireland, the UK and further afield to help raise awareness of FASD and to add to the quantity and quality of the information available. In this way we hope to improve the policy decisions and services which so profoundly affect lives of the people and families we support.

Email: info@endpae.ie
Website: http://endpae.ie
Facebook: @ENDpae
Twitter: @endpae


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